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Active room sensor for CO2, temperature, rel. air humidity, air pressure and gas concentration, CO2 sensor measurement range 300..5000ppm, accuracy ±(50ppm+3% of reading) in the range of 300..5000ppm, temperature sensor measuring range -40..+125°C, sensor accuracy ±0.1°C, rel air humidity sensor measuring range 0..100%rH, sensor accuracy ±3%rH, sensor hysteresis ±1.5%rH, air pressure sensor measuring range 300..1100hPa, accuracy 0.12Pa (~1.7cm), offset temperature coefficient ±1.3Pa/K (~10.9cm) at 1°C temperature change, gas sensor: sensor-to-sensor deviation ±15%, internal calculation of abs. air humidity, dew point, height above sea level, air quality, CO2 percentage dissatisfied, additional red+yellow status LEDs, serial RS485 interface, MODBUS/RTU+ASCII slave protocol, DIP switch for configuration, frame lighting with integrated RGB LEDs, buzzer for alarm, individual RESI design, individual cover material selectable, engraved customer-specific Logo possible, can be mounted in a standard flush-mounted box, power supply: 12-48VDC

Size (LxBxH):N/A
Power supply:12-48V=
Power consumption:0.7W
Mounting:Installation into a 55mm flush-mounted socket
Terminals:Terminal type RM3.5 Cable cross section: max. 1.5 mm², max. 16AWG Screw: M2 Tightening torque: max. 0.2Nm, max. 1.77 Lb-in
Protection class:IP20
TARIC number:8538 90 91

Data sheet[DE]: RESI-DS-RS-xxx-MB-dd-DE.pdf
Data sheet[EN]: RESI-DS-RS-xxx-MB-dd-EN.pdf
Configuration[DE]: RESI-CFG-RS-xxx-MB-dd-DE.pdf
Configuration[EN]: RESI-CFG-RS-xxx-MB-dd-EN.pdf
Manuals[EN]: RESI-M-RC-xxx,RS-xxx-EN.pdf
Product attachment[DE,EN]: RESI-PA-RS-CO2AQ1-MB-Rd-DE-EN.pdf