Our web shop is for B2B business to business only!
If you are a private customer,
we will not accept your order in our web shop, but please contact to get an individual offer from one of our country partners.

In some countries, we have exclusive distributors, who handle the complete order and payment by themselves. They can also freely define their own price list.
In this case, we will cancel your order in our shop and redirect your order to our distributor.
The distributor will offer the products to you directly, and you can decide to buy it or not.
In case you have
pre-paid the order from the web shop, we will immediately re-transfer your money back to your account.

1. Create an account to place an order. Please ensure that you provide a correct and valid VAT number. Before we deliver the goods, we check this VAT number. If this is not correct, we will reject your order.

2. The shop will send you an email with an order confirmation and a payment amount. Please transfer this amount in full (without bank fees, bank charges, etc. for RESI) to our account specified in the order confirmation.

NOTE: Since we check your VAT number and your company in advance, payment with credit cards is not possible!

3. As soon as the goods have been dispatched, you will be contacted by email. If your order cannot be carried out, our employees will notify you at the email address you provided. RESI may then make a partial delivery.

4. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via email or telephone:

RESI Informatik & Automation GmbH
Altenmarkt 29, A-8551 Wies, Austria
Tel: +43-316-262062-0